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What You Need to know

Message from the President of GPACT


As the President of The Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy (GPACT), it is my pleasure to inform you that all Colon Therapy Training is exclusively hosted by Moya Body Care Wellness Institute. Under the expert guidance of our esteemed partners at Moya Body Care, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of education in colon therapy.

Our Training Schedule and Structure

- Foundation Level Training: Offered biannually in January and August, our Foundation Level training is a critical starting point for those new to the field. This three-month program culminates in a 6-day mandatory in-person session held in Torrance, California. This essential training lays the groundwork for all subsequent skills and knowledge in colon therapy.

- Advanced and Specialty Courses Throughout the year, we also offer a variety of advanced and specialty courses designed to enhance your skills and expand your practice. These courses are available in various formats, including in-person sessions, online modules, and self-paced learning opportunities, providing flexibility and depth to your educational experience.

Why Train with Us?

At GPACT, we ensure that every aspect of your training is comprehensive and accessible. By training with Moya Body Care Wellness Institute, you benefit from a curriculum that is both rigorous and supportive, designed to equip you with the tools needed to excel in your practice and offer a broad range of services to your clients.

We invite you to join us in this educational journey to deepen your expertise and advance your career in colon therapy. Together, we can enhance the well-being of individuals and communities through our dedicated practice.

Warm regards,

Dr. Mo, DMETA (non-medical)  
President, Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy


The foundation level is for those individuals who are:

  • Newly trained professional Colon Hydrotherapists or

  • Have not had more than basic training.

Interested in becoming certified with GPACT, and have more questions?  Contact us at 424-318-2136

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